The band Kiev cuando nieva (Kiev when it snows) never worried much about influences, they hadn´t properly appraised how the music they listen has a bearing on the way they compose and play. Besides, they don´t like the cliche of the musician working due to a need to self expression, whose unique personality has necessarily to be appreciated as a value of the work itself. However in 2011 they were asked by Periferias festival, taken place yearly in Huesca Spain, to develope a show consisting of cover songs by their favourite outsider artists. During the process of making up the set list, they realized how important “the anomalous” was in their musical background.

The fact is that many of the musicians they often listen to could be tagged as eccentric or mentally unstable. It´s not the way outsiders compose or write the lyrics that influenced the band; nor it´s a matter of paying cult to oddity, though the members of Kiev cuando nieva have kept listening to odd music through the years. It´s more about the way their favourite outsider musicians stand their foolish ground, how they prove that a song or a record can become astonishingly fresh and intense points of view through which approaching life, even when they are anomalous –or maybe thanks to being anomalous. Their favourite outsiders taught Kiev cuando nieva that maybe every genuine compromised gesture is disrespectful, bound for the fringes of culture. The outsiders gave the band a kind of professional ethics.

Parece Doble (Seems Double) is the audiovisual document of the concert Kiev cuando nieva offered in Huesca Congress Hall on October 29th 2011, during Periferias festival. The recording has been released on vinyl, including a DVD film directed by Orencio Boix, published by AA records and En vez de nada, distributed all over Spain by Repetitor Disc.

Trailer of the film by Orencio Boix:

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